Day Programs

Day Programs

Howard Training Center offers three Community Care Licensed day programs designed to meet the interests and needs of a diverse adult community with disabilities. All programs emphasize communication, social skills training, and behavioral supports. Programs are person centered, highly individualized and CARF Accredited.

Community Integration (CIP) - A community based program providing social and recreational activities, functional skill training and volunteer activities. Activities focus on communication, social skills and daily living skills. An instructor works with 3 participants and provides the supervision, training and support for individuals to develop independence in the community.

Personal Achievement - A facility based program that focuses on remediation and reduction of significantly challenging behaviors which impact an individual's quality of life. One instructor works with 3 participants focusing on developing effective communication and coping skills.

Golden Opportunities - A community based program for seniors focusing on leisure activities, maintenance of functional skills and preserving independence. One instructor works with 4 seniors.

For more information, please contact (209) 593-5645.