Community Employment

Community Employment

Howard Training Center’s Community Employment program helps individuals with disabilities acquire and maintain competitive jobs through the Individual Placement Program. Community Employment offers time limited and long term supports depending on the individual's disability and need. The program currently operates 13 supported employment enclaves throughout Stanislaus County, each consisting of a small crew of 3 to 6 workers and a Job Coach Supervisor.

Current enclaves include: Cal Trans Rest Area in Turlock, Cal Trans Rest Area in Westley, HTC Cleaning Crew and City of Ceres Right of Way Maintenance.

Under the direct supervision of the Job Coaches, workers learn a variety of jobs and, when proficient, are able to independently pursue and excel with minimal contact from the Coach.

For more information please contact Leonard Hansen, Ph.D. Director of Operations, at (209) 593-5630 or email at

Client Profile: David Kirk

David began working with HTC’s Community Employment Program as part of a building and grounds maintenance crew in 1973. He went on to work at Wal-Mart’s garden department and as a janitor through HTC’s Individual Placement Program. David currently holds a job that he loves in Home Depot’s garden department. He works 20 hours a week receiving, stocking and making sure that plants are watered sufficiently to withstand the California heat, as well as sharing his knowledge of gardening with the customers who come to the store. David is supported in his employment by an HTC job coach who visits him at work once a week to assure that he is communicating with his employers and that their shared work experience is beneficial and positive.

Sharon, David’s wife of 14 years, is also an Individual Placement participant. They met while both were working at HTC in different jobs. Sharon currently works at the CSUS Stanislaus café. She and David have lived independently in their own home in Modesto for the last 10 years.