Welcome to Howard Training Center’s New Website!


We are excited about launching HTC's new website. Our goal was to make our site more customer friendly, more interesting and more compelling for anyone who wants information or to contribute to our programs and/or services that support developmentally disabled adults and their families.

HTC has been providing direct and support services since 1953 through a wide range of programs designed to help developmentally disabled adults build social and recreational skills, overcome negative behaviors, integrate effectively with the community, develop vocational skills, find supported employment, and, when appropriate, be placed in a supported living placement with a family. HTC currently supports over 250 clients with direct or support services and/or employment opportunities. Client are helped in reaching their personal dreams and to contribute in a real way to the community.

HTC also provides over 160,000 meals a year through our Stanislaus County Senior Meals Programs. Clients help prepare the meals and we deliver to community congregate sites or directly to the homes of those in need.

As you browse through our website, consider contributing so that the developmentally disabled adults in our county can become more self-sufficient, more confident and better able to contribute to our community. All of our programs need support and every dollar helps.